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Allan Zee is the Founder and Managing Director of Argeus Benefits Group, an  Arizona based health insurance brokerage and consulting firm that helps individuals, families, employer groups and Medicare beneficiaries obtain  the best value in health insurance and benefits that best fit their needs and is compliant with the Affordable Care Act.
Allan is the expert that individual, employer and professional groups call to speak about Health Care Reform, Medicare, and The Affordable Care Act frequently referred to as ObamaCare. 

More Health Care Changes On The Way!


With the change in Administration in Washington, The Affordable Care Act is a target for repeal and replace. Currently there is no agreement as to what a replacement Health Care bill would look like. Whatever it will be  has to come sooner rather than later as the current individual health insurance market is unstable. 

For 2018 many states will have counties with no insurance carriers offering individual  plans, or possibly only one carrier participating. Premiums have risen dramatically the past four years, networks have become smaller and deductibles have increased. When changes will be made is anybody's guess, but the reality is that some things have to change in order to stabilize the individual insurance market.

Be Informed!


Whatever your involvement in health care, be informed as to what is happening.

Health care affects us all and whatever new laws come from Washington we'll have to live with.

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