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Medicare Beneficiaries, Employer Groups, Individuals and Families obtain the best value in health insurance 

Our Insurance Services

Employer Group Insurance

Enjoy the benefits of employer group insurance! 

Provide your employees with 

the safety net they need and build a loyal, long term, caring member of your company's team.

Ideal for small businesses with few or many employees. All it takes is a minimum of two employees to get started.

The choice of insurance carriers is excellent with a wide variety of plans, including HSA's at very competitive rates.

The Employer Group market is not impacted by ObamaCare as the Individual market.

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Approaching 65? 

Medicare offers options for additional coverage beyond Part A and Part B.

Options include::

  • Medicare Supplements 
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Prescription Drug Plans

As independent Brokers representing many Medicare carriers we work for our clients by shopping the market and recommending the products that work best for each individual.

Medicare can be confusing. We can answer all of your questions, give you options and get you started with Medicare.          

Want to make changes to your Medicare Advantage or Rx Drug Plan for 2019? Open Enrollment begins Oct 15th through Dec 7th. Changes take effect Jan 1st 2019.

Individual and Family Insurance

Not covered by an employer group plan?

Major medical coverage for individuals, families, and small business owners is the answer.

The individual market has seen major changes since 2010 when the Affordable Care Act, AKA ObamaCare became law.

Our experience over the past few years with the Affordable Care Act enables us to help you select on and off Marketplace plans, check deductibles, doctor and hospital coverage, Rx drugs, etc.

Open Enrollment for 2019 begins Nov 1st and ends Dec 15th. At that time you can change carriers and plans. Changes take effect Jan 1st 2019.

Through the year you can obtain individual/family health insurance if you have a Qualifying Event.

Call or contact us and we'll give you the details.